Heroin Addiction Treatment Rehab Program

Heroin use in the United States has a significant impact on regions from coast to coast. In 2016, nearly 950,000 Americans reported using heroin in the past year. This trend is driven by young adults aged 18 to 25. Since heroin is so addictive, these young adults often experience a cycle that significantly affects their health and quality of life.

Our trained professional staff here at our Heroin Rehab Center is acutely aware of how difficult the withdrawal and post-acute withdrawal symptoms can be to experience and we offer the latest in medical and psychological advances in order to help make this transition as comfortable as possible.

Many times people who suffer from addiction will stay in their addiction for longer than needed because they are afraid of what the unknowns of sobriety will bring, but at our Heroin Addiction Rehab Center In Utah, we seek to help you in any way we possibly can and give you the tools you need in order to create and maintain a happy and sober life for yourself.

How to Know If You Need Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction can quickly spiral out of control, and before you know it, you are living a dangerous lifestyle — one that hinders your ability to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Each dose you take is a gamble, especially since the introduction of fentanyl. Being 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine, when fentanyl is added to heroin and the user is unaware, the risk of an overdose dramatically increases.

That is why it’s imperative that you recognize the development of heroin addiction. Seeking treatment as soon as possible could mean the difference between life and death.

If you’re a loved one who is concerned about someone who’s possibly using heroin, look for these warning signs:

  • Changes in appearance
  • Sudden weight lost
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Evidence of injection sites
  • Extreme drowsiness
  • Financial issues
  • Paranoia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Itchiness
  • Slurred speech
  • Changes in mood

The longer someone uses heroin, the more destructive it is. Prolonged use can lead to a wide range of health complications, including heart, liver, and lung disease.

If you can relate to the following criteria, it is strongly recommended that you seek treatment:

  • You are taking larger doses of heroin to achieve the same effect
  • You experience cravings
  • You have tried to cut down, yet have been unsuccessful
  • A significant amount of your time revolves around finding heroin and using heroin
  • You are still using heroin even though it has negatively impacted your life
  • You have developed a tolerance and have increased the amount of heroin you take to achieve the desired effect
  • When you don’t take heroin, you experience withdrawal effects

What Is Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Heroin addiction treatment is typically associated with professional treatment centers, such as Pinnacle Recovery. While there is a wide spectrum of treatment programs available, the best options are those that take a customized approach.

No two individuals suffering from heroin addiction are identical. Since each client is unique in terms of their addiction and mental health, each treatment plan needs to be personalized. Heroin addiction treatment is often associated with a dual diagnosis, meaning symptoms of addiction and a mental health condition must be addressed.

For example, some users begin taking heroin to self-medicate. Whether you are suffering from anxiety or PTSD, we can help you break the cycle, working towards a happier, healthier future.

How to Treat Heroin Addiction

There are numerous options for heroin rehabilitation. Heroin treatment has come a long way over the years thanks to research. Clinical studies have helped treatment centers like ours develop treatment plans that increase a client’s chance of staying sober for the long term.

To treat heroin, you must first successfully complete the detoxification process. Due to the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin addiction, it is highly recommended that you seek a medically supported detox program. Once you successfully detox your body, you will then begin to truly heal both mentally and physically.

You will gain access to behavioral and motivation therapies, family therapy, group therapy, nutritional and exercise programs, experiential therapy, and more. We offer so many evidence-based treatment options so that you get the most out of your experience. Over time, we will alter your treatment plan to help you achieve your ongoing goals. For example, once you make progress in your individual therapy sessions, you may want to focus on family therapy or nutritional therapy.

Pinnacle Recovery Is Here for You and Your Family

No matter what your situation is, we can help. At Pinnacle Recovery, we want you to understand that you are not alone in this fight. The best thing you can do is pick up the phone and begin your road to recovery.

We will work with you to develop the best viable action plan. We offer both inpatient and outpatient options so that you can seek the help you need today.

Contact us to discuss your circumstances and to get started today!