Dual Diagnosis Program For Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety, like the kind we treat at Pinnacle Recovery’s Utah Anxiety & Addiction center, is a preoccupation with feeling worried, nervous, or uneasy. It is usually associated with stomach pains, increased heart rates, shortness of breath, and a number of other physical symptoms.

Normally when people feel anxious they focus on the physical ailments they are experiencing and many times they believe that their anxiety is the direct result of something they are doing wrong. They may feel that if they only worked harder or didn’t let things bother them as much, then they wouldn’t experience the levels of anxiety they are feeling, and while sometimes this is true, other times anxiety is not the result of anything done by the individual.

Sometimes, when anxiety is situational, it will correct itself when the situation that is causing anxiety is completed. For instance, if you are having a lot of anxiety because of an upcoming test in school or some other event that is coming up, your anxiety levels will decrease once the test or event is over. But for some people anxiety is not situational and it is chronic and persistent. For these individuals, their anxiety is not centered on a particular event or idea, but rather is all-encompassing. When this occurs, many times people will need to seek professional help, like the kind we offer at our Utah Anxiety & Addiction center, in order to better cope with their anxieties and learn how to move past them.

Dual Diagnosis For Anxiety and Addiction

When anxiety is left unchecked it can sometimes lead to substance abuse issues because the person will attempt to self-medicate in order to deal with their anxiety. This may work for a time and the person may find that by using drugs or drinking alcohol they are able to manage their anxiety levels and function better, but the issue is, if they also suffer from addiction, this will eventually lead to further problems down the road.

They may find that the amount they need to use in order to stave off their anxiety increases with time, which may lead to them having to take dangerous amounts of the drug in order to combat their anxiety. They may also find that certain drugs stop working in regards to helping them with their anxiety. This means that they may have to switch to harder drugs that are more addictive and doing so can present a plethora of other problems.

The interesting thing about anxiety and addiction is that when someone uses substances in order to self-medicate and they also suffer from addiction, they usually wind up increasing their levels of anxiety in the long run. What they find is that as their addiction progresses the problems they create for themselves are usually more angst-producing than the initial anxiety they suffered from.

This makes sense because having to essentially create and maintain two lives, like many addicts and alcoholics have to do, is a very tiresome and anxiety-producing way to live. Imagine having to wake up each and every day knowing that you will need to use a certain substance or else you will experience withdrawals. Imagine having to hide all of this from the people you love most in the world and while all of this is going on, imagine also having to be mindful that you do not get arrested for any of the illegal activities you are involved in. That is enough to make anyone anxious and at our Utah Anxiety & Addiction center we understand this and that is why we seek to treat anxiety within our clients so that they can have the best possible chance at recovery.

Utah Treatment Center For Anxiety and Addiction

At our Utah Anxiety & Addiction center, we know that in order for a person to experience long-term and healthy recovery, any and all underlying issues must be dealt with. So if one of our clients has been experiencing anxiety their entire life, we understand that this issue must be addressed during the course of their treatment so that they do not wind up in a position where they are so overwhelmed with anxiety that a drink or drug seems like a viable option.

Through the use of individual and group therapies, and medication if necessary, we offer our clients the ability to finally get a handle on their anxiety, all while dealing with their addiction issues. In the past, these issues were viewed separately in the addiction treatment field, but as our understanding of addiction and other mental health issues has progressed, we have begun to learn just how important it is to address both simultaneously.

We also offer animal-assisted therapy, like our equine therapy, which has been proven to help alleviate anxiety in individuals and give them important coping skills in terms of calming themselves down. At Pinnacle Recovery, we employ the latest in medical and psychological research in order to best serve our clients and help them achieve the sobriety they have always wanted.

So if you have tried to get sober in the past and your anxiety kept you from achieving this goal, do not give up just yet, help is right around the corner We can help you finally overcome your addiction and finally deal with the anxiousness you have felt for far too long.

Seeking Treatment for Anxiety and Addiction In Utah?

If you think that you have a problem with alcoholism or addiction and you believe that you need to seek a treatment program that can help you with your anxiety, then call the professionals at Pinnacle Recovery today, at 1-833-218-9521. Our trained staff knows exactly what you are going through, and knows exactly what you need in order to finally overcome your addiction. As frightening as it can be to ask for help, it is infinitely better than living a life filled with addiction. So give us a call today and let us help you in your struggles.