Dual Diagnosis Treatment For Depression and Addiction

Current estimates by the Centers for Disease Control state that roughly 10% of all Americans suffer from depression in one form or another. What this means in terms of number is that currently, 30 million Americans are feeling the effects of depression.

Depression, like the kind we treat at Pinnacle Recovery’s Utah Depression & Addiction center, is more than just feeling sad. It is more than just being down for a day or two and then being able to snap out of it, but it is many times an all-encompassing feeling that greatly affects an individual’s life.

A person suffering from depression will many times find it difficult to cope with even the most basic of life’s stressors and they may sometimes even find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Depression isn’t just a mental construct either but can have serious physical side effects as well, causing the person who is depressed to not only feel mentally exhausted and down, but also physically unwell. This, in turn, can cause the depression to worsen; creating a cycle that can be incredibly difficult to get out of.

What’s worse is that depression can last for weeks, months, or even years if it is not probably treated and left undiagnosed it can oftentimes lead to addiction or alcoholism.

It has been shown that depression is one of the key contributing factors to addiction and it is easy to see why this is the case. A person who wakes up each and every day with an overwhelming sense of depression will need to look for ways in which they can alleviate this feeling. They may find that when they drink they no longer feel depressed or if they smoke pot they are able to cope with their depression and in time this can cause them to become completely addicted to a substance.

At Pinnacle Recovery’s Utah Depression & Addiction Center we seek to treat our clients for their addiction issues as well as treat the underlying depression that may be contributing to their addiction. We believe that just addressing one or the other is not enough and that in order for a person to finally overcome their addiction, they must also be free from the clutches of depression that have kept them down for far too long.

What is Dual Diagnosis For Depression and Addiction?

Depression, like the kind we treat at our Utah Addiction & Depression center, is a mood disorder that is characterized by feelings of severe despondency and dejection. It is more than just being sad about a particular aspect of your life and in fact many times it is not caused by one thing in particular but is a general feeling of dejection that cannot be traced to a certain event.

Depression can come about all at once or it can develop over time, silently growing in the background of your life. It can be brought on situationally, or as a manifestation of some issue in your life, or it can be caused by changes in body chemistry that have nothing to do with outside circumstances. It is also possible for a person who experiences addiction or alcoholism to suffer depression, even if it wasn’t present before the onset of the addiction. During the course of their addiction, they may find that they have developed depression due to the stress that their illness has brought on their life or the way that the drugs or alcohol are interacting with their brain. Regardless of how the depression is developed, in order for a person to overcome their addiction, it must be addressed.

Through our Utah Depression & Addiction therapy, we seek to give our clients the tools they need in order to deal with their addiction and at the same time show them ways to handle their depression. The way this is accomplished is through intensive individual and group therapies, the introduction to the 12 Steps, and through medication when necessary. All of this is done at our scenic Utah facility where you can recover in a tranquil setting, with beautiful mountain vistas. We have found that nature is very often conducive to the recovery process because it helps to enliven the spirit and gives most people an overall sense of well-being that the city cannot provide.

At Pinnacle Recovery we also understand that each client experienced their addiction and depression in their own individual ways and because of this we offer personalized treatment plans so that they can find their own unique path to recovery. What may work for one person, may not work for another and so we believe that by offering a variety of treatment programming we give all of our clients the best possible chance at overcoming their depression and finally putting their addiction behind them.

Some clients may respond better to traditional therapies, like individual or group therapy, while others may take to our animal-assisted therapies, like our equine therapy. Whatever it is that you need in order to finally deal with your depression and addiction we can offer, and we will be there with you every step of the way.

While dealing with addiction or depression is never easy, with the proper help in place, doing so does not need to be impossible. Remember that you are not alone in any of this and help is just around the corner with Pinnacle Recovery.

Seeking a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program For Depression and Addiction That Is Right For You

If you think that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and believe that you may also be suffering from depression, then call the professionals drug rehab in Utah at Pinnacle Recovery today,, at 1-833-347-1617. Our trained staff is acutely aware of the needs of a person who has a dual diagnosis and they can help you through the recovery process, giving you the tools you need in order to discover and maintain a life of recovery. You no longer have to suffer alone in your addiction or your mental health concerns, so contact us today.