Pinnacle Recovery's Individual Addiction Therapy Program In Salt Lake City

A critical component of any treatment program is individual therapy. Whereas group therapies offer the client the ability to relate to and collectively heal with their peers, individual therapy allows them to really dive into their past in a more intensive manner. It gives them the opportunity to explore events and patterns of thought that may have exacerbated their addiction and gives them a safe environment in which to process those things. At Pinnacle Recovery we understand the importance of individual therapy and that is why at our center in Utah individual therapy is one of the cornerstones of the recovery program. We see our Utah individual therapy sessions as the beginning of your treatment journey and our trained therapy staff is well suited to help you along the way.

Benefits Of Our Individual Addiction Therapy Program In Utah

As important as group therapy and activities are, there are simply times when a person will not feel comfortable sharing about some event from their past, or some thought they’ve had in a group setting. This is especially true among addicts and alcoholics because for many years they have had to hide away certain aspects of their life in order to continue on in their addiction. Having to do this leads many addicts and alcoholics to have trouble sharing openly and honestly and their ability to trust others is sometimes lacking.

This is where individual therapy, like the one offered at Pinnacle Recovery’s Utah individual therapy program, comes in. It gives our clients the ability to share openly with a trained and licensed professional and allows them to begin to build trust with another human being. This is so important in the recovery process because as the saying goes, “a person is only as sick as their secrets.” By beginning to explore the inner workings of their minds and finding out what exactly may have led to their addiction, our clients have a better chance at not falling back into the same old patterns of behaviors they are used to, while also allowing them to heal the wounds of their past.

For many people who enter into drug treatment, the first place that they experience what it means to be truly vulnerable is in an individual therapy session. They learn how freeing of an experience this can be and how it helps them in their recovery. They are able to share with their therapists things that have been bothering them for years and once exposed to the light of day they can begin to heal from it. This is also important because it allows them to translate this ability into other interactions in their lives and they are able to build better relationships as a result.

While there is normally a general stigma around therapy, similar to that of rehab, at our Utah Individual Therapy program, we are here to break that stigma. We are here to show our clients that there is no shame in asking for help and there is no shame in admitting that you are struggling with certain aspects of your life.

What You Can Expect At A Utah Individual Addiction Therapy Program

Most of our treatment programs include individual therapy to some extent. Individual therapy with our staff provides a structure to your day and a safe place to speak freely. Our individual therapy is available in our inpatient, outpatient and aftercare programs. We believe strongly in helping our clients find the courage to talk through their problems with people who have personal experience in addiction and treatment.

We have found that one of the most therapeutic ways to help an individual is by letting them know they are not alone. Many addicts and alcoholics come into recovery believing that they are the only person who has experienced what they have experienced or felt what they have felt and because of this they carry a great deal of guilt and shame around with them. Through individual therapy with people who have extensive experience and knowledge on addiction, our clients are able to discover that many of the things they experienced are commonplace and that they are not bad people for the things they have done, but rather just people with an illness.

Our staff is professional, caring, and committed to treating every patient like family. They take their responsibility seriously and understand the severity of addiction. They know that every person is capable of recovering if they have the willingness to do so and the right tools at their disposal. Their goal is to offer these tools to you so that you can continue your recovery once you are discharged from one of our programs.

It may sound cliché, but admitting you have a problem is the first step. This is not always easy to realize though, especially given the nature of addiction. Addiction is an illness that seeks to live in the shadows, convincing those afflicted by it, that it doesn’t exist, but once a person realizes they have a problem, and they realize the folly of attempting to fight their problem on their own, help is just around the corner.

Opening up to those who can help you is the second step. It allows for a change in attitude and behavior to take place that may not have been possible otherwise. Very few people are able to battle addiction on their own, but those who seek professional help are more apt to take to recovery and better able to maintain their recovery in the long term.

Get The Right Help At Our Individual Addiction Therapy Program In Utah

If you think that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you believe that you need an inpatient or outpatient program that offers intensive individual therapy then contact the professionals at Pinnacle Recovery today, at 1-866-301-0573. Our trained staff at our Salt Lake City facility know exactly what you are going through and what you need in order to finally overcome your addiction and achieve the life of recovery you have always wanted.