Integrative Therapies to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Your recovery journey has never been one-dimensional, so why should your treatment plan be? 

At Pinnacle, we offer a range of integrative therapies to help you heal. These programs are evidence-based and led by only the most qualified professionals. 

Each of Pinnacle’s integrative therapies focus on bridging the mind and body, which is a proven contributor to addiction and substance abuse recovery.


Acupuncture has many proven health benefits, both physical and psychological. From an addiction recovery perspective, stress reduction and pain relief are the two primary benefits of acupuncture. It’s easy to see how this therapy might benefit people in recovery from substance abuse disorders. At Pinnacle, acupuncture is a complementary treatment for pain management and is a powerful component of our addiction recovery program, particularly with addictions involving painkillers.

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma-informed care is integrated into all of Pinnacle’s treatment programs—we take trauma seriously. With trained professionals who are qualified to navigate trauma triggers—including a range of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)—we are able to cultivate a safe and supportive environment where you can make strides in the deepest forms of healing.

Research has shown that meditation can improve focus and mood, and even help reduce cravings for those in addiction recovery. At Pinnacle, each day begins with a guided mindfulness meditation. “Holistic” isn’t just theoretical for those recovering at our treatment center. Paired with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, our clients make commitments to action in the morning and reflect on them in the evening, which provides accountability and self-awareness.

Outdoor Experiential Therapy

In the stunning landscape just outside Salt Lake City, Pinnacle balances its clinical programs with holistic treatments—like Outdoor Experiential Therapy—that find their best expression in the natural environs. 

Taking advantage of outdoor experiences is an integral part of Pinnacle’s recovery programs. Hiking in the local canyon and snow-shoeing in the winter are just a few of the ways that Pinnacle utilizes their natural setting to give its clients opportunities to heal.

The brain plays a significant role in our mental and emotional health. And sounds—like those in Sound Bowl Therapy— are one of the ways that we can help adjust and heal our brain waves. 


Sound Bowl Therapy is guided by a specialist who uses a mallet to gently hit either metal or crystal bowls for their listeners who are usually sitting or laying down in a relaxed position. Not only can this integrative therapy help with focus and mindfulness, it can activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is often a key element in addiction recovery. 

There are many paths to healing, and music therapy can be one of them. At Pinnacle, we have trained therapists in music therapy and provide a number of instruments at our facility for self-expression, experimentation, and group collaboration. Whether it’s singing or creating music, or simply discussing some of your favorite lyrics, music therapy can help you in your recovery journey in meaningful ways.

Nutritional Counseling

At Pinnacle Recovery, we know that the body and mind are deeply connected. Healthy eating habits, daily exercise, and a regular sleep schedule are essential for a successful recovery. 

This is why we incorporate Nutritional Counseling into your healing journey. Each client at Pinnacle meets with our nutritional specialists to make sure they build a strong foundation for total physical and psychological health.

For those in addiction recovery, yoga has become a mind-body, “holistic intervention.” But one of the most effective in treating substance abuse disorders is called Yin Yoga.

At Pinnacle, we offer weekly Yin Yoga to help support your well-being. A low-impact and relaxed style, Yin Yoga that involves holding poses for longer periods of time than other yoga practices. These steady poses increase your inner awareness, and help you pay attention to your breath, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Breath Work

Like meditation and other integrative therapies at Pinnacle Recovery, breath work can unlock aspects of our mind and bodies that need healing. Stress, anxiety, repressed memories, and trauma need to be dealt with in gentle and supportive environments, and breath work can provide that grounding and safety that you need. To learn more about the benefits of breath work, read our informative summary.

Similar to music therapy, expressive arts therapy is a useful tool for addiction recovery in its ability to channel creativity for healing. Art therapy uses non-verbal and imaginative stimuli to help you process and express deep-seated emotions or pain that would otherwise be difficult to identify. 

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