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Pinnacle Recovery was founded by industry professionals with decades of combined experience in personalized addiction treatment. Located in scenic Utah, we created a peaceful refuge with a network of support for those who need to step away, focus on themselves, and truly heal from addiction.

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  • Fitness For Recovering Addicts: Working Out in Recovery

    While addiction falls under the umbrella of mental health disorders, there is no avoiding the fact that it severely impacts the body as well as the brain. Drugs and alcohol can cause damage to multiple essential systems, from the heart and blood vessels to the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Individuals who struggle with addiction are … Continued

  • How Can I Let Go?

    As the year begins to fade and a new one draws near, we often worry about what we have completed but end up focusing on what we have not. We didn’t get the grade we wanted in that class we took. We didn’t get the promotion we had hoped for. We didn’t check off each … Continued

  • The Basics Of Mindfulness

    “Mindfulness is not designed to take you away from the difficulties in your life, but to help you accommodate them more comfortably,” Planet Mindful reminds their readers in an article titled, “Learning to live with yourself.” We’ll reiterate that because it is just so extremely important: mindfulness doesn’t take away your problems, it helps you deal with … Continued

  • Can Stress Be Helpful?

    Stress is a tricky thing that we all deal with, especially during this time of year. There’s the hustle-bustle of the holiday season, then the stresses that the new year brings. During the holiday season, we struggle to get the family together and have a good time. We stress about these things more then we … Continued

  • Workouts To Reduce Anxiety

    Exercise has fantastic benefits for your mind and body. You don’t have to push yourself to your limits to see results, either. Simple exercises can have monumental results when it comes to reducing anxiety. Besides reducing anxiety, exercise can be beneficial in reducing stress and fatigue, while improving cognitive functioning. Exercise can be so beneficial … Continued

  • How Can I Manage My Negative Thoughts?

    Everyone has negative thoughts. Not everyone knows how to manage these negative thoughts, however. Managing negative thoughts is an essential part of maintaining your mental health. Pinnacle Recovery wants to help you learn how to manage your negative thoughts so you can live an even better life. Read on below to learn more.  Check for … Continued

  • Sensitivity Is Not Bad

    Empathy is a trait that not everyone has. Having empathy means understanding the feelings of others and being able to share their feelings. Empaths are often highly sensitive people. They feel many things, and they feel them deeply. Highly sensitive people, according to Lauren Steward, says that many empaths are introverts. Stewart, a therapist who … Continued

  • What Are The Three Pillars Of CBT?

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a well-known type of talk therapy that can be beneficial for those with mental illnesses or substance use disorders. The goal of CBT is to help the individual understand how their thoughts impact their actions. There are three pillars of CBT, which are identification, recognition, and management. Read more below … Continued

  • Reduce Your Anxiety In 1 Week

    A few days ago, we posted an article about common anxiety signs. If these signs resonated with you, you might be wondering how you can reduce your anxiety. Even if you don’t have a diagnosable disorder, you probably get stressed or nervous over certain things. Use these tips to help ease your anxiety (Prevention Guide, … Continued

  • How Can I Support A Trauma Victim?

    Those who have experienced trauma often need extra layers of support. You may not be able to see their wounds, but they are there. Hidden beneath that wide smile is pain — lots of it. It’s only right that you know how to help your loved one that has experienced trauma. It can be hard … Continued