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How Fentanyl in Heroin Completely Changed The Drug and The Black Market

Fentanyl in heroin is becoming an extremely popular trend that is killing thousands of people nationwide. Heroin has always been a “bad” drug, but fentanyl in heroin is a whole nother beast. Heroin has fundamentally changed over the years, and could even be replaced by deadly synthetic drugs in the near future. Heroin has, for the better part of a century, been considered a “hard drug.” When heroin was first

Online Pharmacies Are being Shut Down by The FDA

In the past decade, online pharmacies have gained extreme popularity due to their convenience and cheap prices. Many Americans face exorbitant health care costs, so anything they can save on prescription drugs is great. Unknowingly, many of these consumers are actually being ripped off when they think they are just getting a good online deal, putting them at significant risk. Unlike, say, a fake Rolex Watch sold on the internet,

Signs, Symptoms & Behaviors of Heroin Addicts

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Nobody ever intends to become addicted to heroin. Instead, it happens incidentally as a person recreationally uses the drug. In fact, most individuals who suffer from heroin addiction don’t even realize they’ve become addicted until they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms between doses. But as heroin addiction causes profound changes in a person, it can be quite difficult for loved ones to witness an individual’s deterioration as a result of

EMDR Therapy at Our Inpatient Rehab


There are many different ways to overcome addiction. For instance, a number of people swear by support groups and twelve-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous; however, support groups aren’t the best choice for everyone. In fact, even though every person’s needs are unique to him or her, most of the current evidence points to inpatient care being the most effective form of treatment, giving patients the best odds

Alternatives to Our Twelve-Step Outpatient Program


It’s important to remember that, much like how the journey into active addiction is different for each person, the journey from addiction to recovery is likewise a unique path for every individual. Of course, there are certain aspects of recovery that are vital across the board; psychotherapy and group sessions are just two examples of recovery resources that often serve as the foundation of rehabilitation, whether you’re in inpatient care

How to Take a Leave From Work for Short-Term Rehab

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Addiction is a deadly chronic disease that affects virtually every aspect of a person’s life. We tend to associate addiction with the physical and health effects that result from the disease; having a substance abuse problem is known to result in a dramatically weakened immune system, damage to various bodily systems and organs, and significant losses in overall health and well-being. But arguably the most significant effects of addiction are

Getting Started With Meditation in Sobriety

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There are many coping skills and tools I have learned while in recovery from addiction. Some of these I learned in rehab, some I learned in 12-step fellowships, and some I learned from fellow people in recovery. Some of these tools I come to find that even “normies” take advantage of. One these tools (and one of the most important) is meditation, which has been life-changing for me. Meditation is

FDA Pushing for MAT Programs

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With the national opioid crisis growing day by day, government officials are scrambling to find solutions. Overdose deaths are at an all-time-high, becoming one of the leading causes of death in the United States. The Justice Department has been suggesting to crack down on crime; going after drug manufacturers and doctors who fraudulent distribute opioid painkillers. Many people are insisting that this isn’t enough. Some are even insisting that the

Types of Anger and How it Can Affect Your Sobriety

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Anger can be a very difficult emotion for those in recovery. Unmanaged anger can strain relationships, cause unhappiness, and even lead to relapse. Some people with severe anger problems used substances to self-medicate, so in sobriety, new coping skills must be learned to manage anger in a healthy way. Meditation, exercise, and talk therapy are all extremely effective at managing anger. Even stopping to take deep breaths and removing yourself

Getting a Job in Sobriety and the Hurdles You Might Face

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Getting a job in sobriety can sometimes be difficult. Knowing which jobs should be avoided may make you feel like your options are limited. Unfortunately, some jobs have been known to discriminate against people in recovery, especially in areas where recovery is extremely common. These should never be reasons to give up though, and there are certainly great jobs out there and people who would be happy to hire people