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Opioid Makers Gave Millions to Advocacy Groups to Promote Dangerous Group

A recent report states that large pharmaceutical companies funneled millions of dollars to advocacy groups to promote their use amid the current drug crisis. The report, released by Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, raises questions concerning the role of drug makers in the ongoing opioid epidemic. A representative of several drug companies named in the report stated there were no conditions regarding the use of those funds. McCaskill’s report examines funding

Utah House Speaker Declares War on Drug Makers over Opioid Epidemic with New Legislation

The Utah Legislature opened the year with a bold proclamation. During the opening of the legislative year, House Speaker Greg Hughes declared war on pharmaceutical companies who produce and sell opioid medications. Hughes asserted these companies are doing little to prevent the opioid epidemic in Utah. In an article published in the January 20th edition of the Salt Lake Tribune, Hughes became upset with opiate manufacturers when he opened an

Aetna Waiving Co-Pay for Narcan to Some


One of America’s largest health insurance companies recently took major to combat the opioid epidemic by waiving copays for the overdose-reversing nasal spray Narcan. Effective New Year’s Day, Aetna removed the financial hurdles that kept some from accessing and using this potentially life-saving medication. In addition to waiving co-pays for Narcan, Aetna also limited the quantity of prescription painkillers for acute pain and post-surgery to a seven-day supply. Harold L.

Walmart is Giving Away Free Opioid Disposal Kits

Opioid Disposal Kit

Drug overdoses are the number one cause of accidental death in the United States. In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control reports more than 63,600 people died due to overdose. Of those deaths, approximately two-thirds involved heroin and prescription painkillers. In response to ongoing drug crisis, Walmart is offering a free opioid disposal kit called Dispose Rx that will allow people to dispose of their unused opioid medications. This opioid

Timeline for Levels of Treatment Care

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It’s only relatively recently that we’ve really begun to understand the disease of addiction. Previously, most people saw addiction as an issue of behavior and morality with individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders merely considered bad people. Over the course of decades of research, we’ve come to realize that addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease that’s more comparable to diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease than it is an issue of

The Importance of Aftercare

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Nobody ever intends to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. In fact, many people don’t realize they’ve even become addicted until they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms in the times between fixes. Unfortunately, by the time chemical dependency has occurred, it’s often too late to simply stop using mind-altering substances. By this point, some type of treatment, such as our Utah outpatient program for addiction, is required to help the

How to Balance an Outpatient Program With Life Responsibilities

There are many ways that people become addicted. For some, addiction is the result of misusing prescription drugs. Other become addicted due to having many substance-abusing peers. Then there are those who were exposed to alcohol and drug use during childhood, making substance abuse seem almost normal to them. But as many ways, as there are to become addicted, there are likewise numerous ways to overcome an addiction, including inpatient

Addressing a dual diagnosis in short-term rehab

There are many paths that can lead to alcoholism or drug addiction. For some, addiction is the result of consciously abusing and misusing mind-altering substance. Others become addicted largely due to their social and environmental circumstances. But there are numerous people who become addicted incidentally after using alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. Oftentimes these individuals suffer from other physical or psychological conditions that are the catalysts for their addictions. Fortunately,

Nature Therapy at our short-term rehab

When it comes to addiction, there are many ways for an individual to develop a substance abuse problem. There’s a tendency to think of addiction as being the result of the conscious abuse of alcohol and drugs, but many individuals become addicted unintentionally and incidentally. For instance, those who are prescribed addictive substances for legitimate medical conditions are at high risk of becoming physiologically dependent on their medications. As well,

Making an Aftercare Plan While at Short-Term Rehab

When it comes to addiction recovery, there are many important components. In fact, it’s helpful to think of recovery as a clock with a variety of wheels and cogs, each of which is important in its own way and contributes to the clock’s ability to function. Similarly, recovery is a journey that entails a variety of different treatments and resources, each of which addresses a unique part of addiction and