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What Our Graduates Have to Say About Pinnacle Recovery

Greg HissGreg Hiss
17:01 13 Mar 23
I cannot more highly recommend the program at Pinnacle Recovery. The facility itself is top notch, but more importantly are the quality of the staff, the incredible expertise of the therapists/physician, and the bond created among the clients. The true focus on both mind and body (meditation, yoga, gym, nutrition, etc.) are amazing. It was also a huge benefit to be able to go to movies, bookstores, AA/NA meetings, shopping, and hiking. IT is a true 3D experience to be here. It was a privilege.
Wyatt ClavadetscherWyatt Clavadetscher
20:37 02 Mar 23
Pinnacle has far exceeded my expectations. Every aspect of the treatment has been extremely healing and set me up for success as I exit the program. All staff members are welcoming and kind, making it much easier to settle in and focus on yourself while in treatment. Cant forget the over the top comfort in bedrooms and all other areas of the house.
Landon FinnLandon Finn
17:00 03 Feb 23
Pinnacle recovery has given me an opportunity to get a fresh start on my life. I feel like I have changed as a person through therapy and mindfulness. For someone who has been in treatment several times, this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had, and would recommend to anybody looking for help.
Alexandria DodgeAlexandria Dodge
06:29 16 Dec 22
Pinnacle saved my life & changed me for the better. I’ve been to rehab 4 times & nowhere else I’ve been even came close to the quality of treatment I received at Pinnacle. Since I left the house, I’ve been sober for just under 4 years & going strong, and I owe it all to Eddie, Joel, and Em who all made a lasting impact on my recovery. And Stacey, Rachel, Katie…All staff is professional & well trained, and they provide incredible support 24/7 along with all the group classes, mindfulness and several different types of therapy they offer. I still meditate, use the ACT Matrix, read Brene Brown, and use a lot of other skills I learned at Pinnacle daily. I have greater awareness of both my issues and my strengths than I ever did before. I know I wasn’t an easy client. I can be really stubborn, I have a strong personality and a problem with authority, and at the time I struggled showing emotions in front of others. They worked with me even when I was being really difficult. I’ve definitely evolved as a person over the years but my experience at pinnacle gave me the self awareness I needed to look at myself honestly so I could grow. When my insurance cut me off but I wasn’t ready to leave, they helped me figure out my finances and fought for me to stay. They do that for a lot of clients, because they care about our recovery & not just how much money they can get out of us. That extra 3 weeks helped me a ton. I’m still dancing but currently transitioning out of the industry and starting my own business in 2023. As I enter this new chapter, I’m constantly reminded of where I started and who helped me get out of my addiction so I could build the beautiful life I have today. I’m incredibly grateful for everyone at Pinnacle & I’ve referred lots of people I love to the program over the years, knowing they’ll be in good hands. 10/10 if I could give more stars I would.
Lucas VOLucas VO
20:56 12 Dec 22
My stay at Pinnacle was fantastic. Would highly recommended to anyone seeking a positive recovery experience. Therapists are awesome and very good looking. Love you Pinnacle!
Eric KellerEric Keller
19:06 27 Oct 22
My time at Pinnacle was a life changing experience. Every one from the clients to the staff, to the therapist were understanding, caring and thoughtful of my needs. The value based program was the perfect fit for me, I recommend it to any one to who is need of some personal healing and growth.
Max ZinieMax Zinie
22:13 30 Aug 22
I’m a second time client at this treatment facility and I have to say the experience is unlike any other. Pinnacle has a great facility and staff the food was exquisite as well. The programming and therapists were both very helpful in cultivating a life in recovery! Thanks for everything
Tim SoranTim Soran
16:48 25 Aug 22
Pinnacle Recovery has certainly lived up to its namesake. I recently completed a 50 day in-patient treatment with Pinnacle. I had never participated treatment before, mainly because I was afraid of the who what where and how recovery was to take place. The only thing I knew was the why and when. Looking back on my experience with Pinnacle, I wish I would have made that decision 10 years ago! Pinnacle’s therapists and staff uncovered the root of my addiction, allowing me to understand why I was using, and taught me the skills to recognize the earliest stages of relapse before active addiction takes place again in the future. Everything offered to me from the spacious rooms, the professional chef, the variety of in house activities, and the outside excursions allowed me the ability to finally heal mind, body and spirit. If I were to would only one treatment program to friends and family, it would be Pinnacle.
Jonathan BlessingJonathan Blessing
15:26 11 May 22
Pinnacle recovery is a unique and incredible program. The Mindfullness-based philosophy (with 12-step as a value-added component) gave me tools and perspective that I have never gotten from years of attempted sobriety. The team of therapists is unmatched, and throughout my stay I had the feeling of genuine care and support. The facility is clean, the food is amazing, and I would recommend Pinnacle to any family and friends that want to get real about recovery. Thank you to Pinnacle.
Allyson NielsonAllyson Nielson
16:56 04 Mar 22
My experience at Pinnacle was excellent. I can't imagine getting better care anywhere else. It literally saved my life. The therapists did a wonderful job of helping me get to the core of all my issues, and the rest of the staff took amazingly great care of me. The activities were excellent and really helped me adjust to the outside world. The atmosphere that was cultivated with the clients was amazing. I would recommend Pinnacle to anyone.
Kelly WynnKelly Wynn
11:02 19 Dec 21
I am blessed to have been able to attend Pinnacle Recovery. It literally saved my life. I not only got sober but it taught me how to handle tough situations that come into my life in a positive manner. I grew into a strong woman and built up my self-esteem. The Staff are amazing and truly care about you. The location and house are beautiful. And I know the only time I’m coming back is to visit, work or next year’s Christmas party. 😋💕❤️

The Advantage of Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Montana

Choosing a rehab center away from your home state can be extremely beneficial. This distance allows for a much-needed break from environments or relationships that could potentially hinder your recovery. Our Utah rehab center is renowned for its personalized, innovative approach to addiction treatment, providing care that is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of Montanans. This dedicated approach is what makes our rehab center a top choice for those seeking a fresh start. Take the first step towards your new, sober life today.

What programs we offer

Customized Treatment Programs for Montana Residents

At our Utah rehab center, we are firm believers that every individual’s path to recovery is unique. This is why we create personalized treatment programs that consider your individual history, addiction issues, and recovery goals. We pride ourselves on designing programs that cater specifically to the needs of residents from Montana. With a wide array of therapies and treatments at our disposal, we equip you with the necessary tools for a successful, enduring recovery. Your journey to sobriety is yours alone, and we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Dedicated Team of Professionals Committed at our Recovery Center for those in Montana

Our team consists of highly trained and compassionate professionals who are wholly committed to your recovery. They bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of addiction. From our medical staff to our therapists and support staff, you’ll find yourself in the caring and capable hands of individuals dedicated to your well-being. This unwavering commitment to patient care is one of the many reasons Montana residents choose our Utah rehab center. We’re here to help you reclaim control over your life.

Experience the Healing Power of Utah's Natural Beauty

One of the unique benefits of our Utah rehab center is our stunning location. Utah’s diverse and captivating landscapes provide a peaceful backdrop that can significantly enhance your recovery process. This natural beauty encourages relaxation, introspection, and can be a potent therapeutic tool. For many Montana residents, the opportunity to recover in such a serene and inspiring environment has made a significant difference. Take this chance to heal in a place that’s as therapeutic as it is beautiful.

Embark on Your Journey to Recovery Today

If you’re a Montana resident grappling with addiction, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our Utah rehab center and the customized programs we offer. Remember, the first step towards recovery is reaching out for help, and we’re ready to support you every step of the way. Let us accompany you on this journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. Your journey to recovery begins here.