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With a balance of clinical and integrative treatments, Pinnacle Recovery’s personalized addiction recovery center offers the full continuum of care. 

Our standards of excellence and qualified staff are here to facilitate your healing journey from substance use disorders,  behavioral addictions, and more. 

evidence-based and individualized

Clinical Programs

All of our clinical programs are organized and administered by only the most excellent and qualified professionals who have your recovery and healing as their highest priority.

At Pinnacle Recovery, our Inpatient Program is designed to be adaptable for a wide range of clients. Our therapeutic modalities are customizable for each individual. Inpatient treatment is the cornerstone of our recovery program, and provides thorough and supportive treatment by qualified professionals. 

Our Inpatient Treatment program includes an emphasis on Dual-Diagnosis treatment, which takes in account the complexities of addiction. Mental health conditions, PTSD, and behavioral addictions often play a large role in substance abuse. Because of this, we consider these factors and look beyond the symptoms of substance abuse in order to heal the root causes. 

Individual therapy is a key component of our treatment plans, including Inpatient and Outpatient Programs. Individual therapy provides the space for professional counseling, trauma-informed care, and psychiatric evaluation and support. With individual therapy, we can help you work through conditions like trauma, anxiety, and other negative emotions and memories that, if left unaddressed, can trigger relapse in the future. 

After completing our Inpatient Treatment, many of our graduates move to our Outpatient Program. In this part of the journey, we address the transition process and how to develop healthy coping mechanisms. We focus on long-term, sustainable sobriety and how to keep healing after residential treatment. 

For those in the Inpatient Program, Pinnacle Recovery offers Family Therapy sessions and Intensive Family Counseling as supplementary programs for your recovery journey. Helping families stay together, learn together, and heal together are part of our definition of wholeness.  

Research has shown that group therapy is one of the most effective therapeutic interventions. Group therapy at Pinnacle Recovery facilitates a natural support system between you and your peers that is crucial for an your successful recovery that may include pyschodrama, processing groups, gender-specific support, and music groups.

Supplementary treatments for well-being

Integrative Programs

Holistic and supplementary therapies are a core part of our treatment plans and healing culture. To facilitate wholeness, we incorporate programs for the body, mind, and spirit.


At Pinnacle Recovery, we address the body and mind with equal attention. Therapeutic acupuncture tends to the nervous system and specific areas of the body that have been affected by substance abuse. Acupuncture can help with pain relief, emotional stability, withdrawal symptoms, and even address other chronic issues like digestive and auto-immune conditions.

Research shows that meditation can improve focus and mood, and even help reduce cravings for those in addiction recovery. Every day at Pinnacle Recovery begins with a mindfulness meditation and is later revisited at the end of each day. Healing the mind and addressing underlying anxiety are essential parts of addiction recovery, and reducing stress responses is where it starts. 

The brain plays a significant role in our mental and emotional health. And sounds—like those in Sound Bowl Therapy— are one of the ways that we can help adjust and heal our brain waves. For those in addiction recovery, this integrative therapy helps with focus and mindfulness and can also activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Nutritional Counseling

At Pinnacle Recovery, the body is just as important as the mind. Therefore, nutritional support, daily exercise, and a regular sleep schedule are essential for a successful recovery. Good nutrition forms the foundation for total physical and psychological health. When we give our minds and bodies high-quality fuel to run on, we can continue to grow, heal, and move forward on our recovery journey.

Breath Work

Like meditation and other integrative therapies at Pinnacle Recovery, breath work can unlock aspects of our mind and bodies that need healing. Stress, anxiety, repressed memories, and trauma need to be dealt with in gentle and supportive environments, and breath work can provide that grounding and safety that you need. 

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma-informed care is integrated into all of Pinnacle’s treatment programs—we take trauma seriously. With trained professionals who are qualified to navigate trauma triggers—including a range of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)—we are able to cultivate a safe and supportive environment where you can make strides in the deepest forms of healing. 

Outdoor Experiential Therapy

Activities under the umbrella of outdoor experiential therapy engage the body and the mind to support a full healing process. For those in addiction recovery, outdoor therapies have long-term sustainability in mind and are valuable throughout the entirety of your recovery journey. Pinnacle Recovery’s proximity to its local mountains offer a wide range of outdoor experiences that function as key components of our recovery program.

There are many paths to healing, and music therapy can be one of them. At Pinnacle, we have trained therapists in music therapy and provide a number of instruments at our facility for self-expression, experimentation, and group collaboration. Whether it’s singing or creating music, or simply discussing some of your favorite lyrics, music therapy can help you in your recovery journey in meaningful ways. 

Yin Yoga is a low-impact and relaxed style of yoga that involves holding poses—known as asanas—for longer periods of time than other yoga practices. In addition to being the primary yogic practice for addiction recovery, these steady poses increase your inner awareness, including paying attention to your breath, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Similar to music therapy, expressive arts therapy is a useful tool for addiction recovery in its ability to channel creativity for healing. Art therapy uses non-verbal and imaginative stimuli to help you process and express deep-seated emotions or pain that would otherwise be difficult to identify. 

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