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Pinnacle Recovery’s personalized addiction treatment center offers the full continuum of care, to safely treat substance and behavioral addictions, along with their underlying causes. Each client will be treated with dignity and respect and find support throughout their entire recovery.
At Pinnacle Recovery, our Inpatient Program is designed to be adaptable for a wide range of clients. We treat many different types of addictions, offer flexible program lengths, and provide a wide variety of therapeutic modalities that can be customized to each individual. Inpatient treatment is the cornerstone of our recovery programming, providing the most intensive and thorough treatment in a supportive, safe and beautiful environment focused on recovery.
Families are a critical part of the healing process for our clients. Substance use and addictions inevitably put a large strain on relationships between the client and their family, friends, and coworkers. Our family program includes family and relationship therapy, and teaches skills such as assertive communication, how to create and hold boundaries, as well provide a safe space for our clients and their loved ones to process and work together to create healthier dynamics. Family sessions, family weekends, and phone calls are all encouraged within our Family program.
At Pinnacle Recovery all of our clients are seen and assessed each week by a licensed psychiatrist. These sessions are a combination of medication management, psychoeducation and psychotherapy. During these sessions our aim is to provide education to individuals in topics such as: medication assisted treatment for addiction (MAT), how childhood and adult trauma change the brain and lead to increased substance use and other psychiatric disorders, how brain pathways and the body are directly impacted by substance use and addiction, and the importance of healthy eating, diet and exercise when overcoming addiction.
At Pinnacle Recovery we understand and believe that healthy diets, daily exercise and a regular sleep schedule are essential for a successful recovery. We need vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from outside sources to supply the energy that keeps our bodies going. Good nutrition forms the foundation for total physical and psychological health: when we give our minds and bodies high-quality fuel to run on, we can function at the top of our abilities.
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Clinical Programs

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Individual therapy is a key component of many treatment plans, individual therapy allows us the chance to get to know you and give you professional counseling time, one on one. Trauma, anxiety, and other negative emotions and memories are often repressed.
Family Therapy sessions occur once a week, and also on family weekends which occur once a month. These sessions and calls are based solely on the individuals treatment plans and goals and the client will have signed a release of information for them to occur.
Research has shown that group therapy is the most effective therapeutic intervention, followed by family therapy and then individual therapy. Group therapy allows for the creation of a natural support system within the clients that is crucial for an individuals successful recovery.
Addiction is a chronic, complex brain disease that’s defined by a psychological and physical dependence on drugs, alcohol, or a specific behavior (i.e. gambling or shopping). Although there are many potential causes and contributing factors, mental health conditions often play an underlying role.
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