What Does Individual Addiction Therapy Look Like at Pinnacle?

As the name implies, individual addiction therapy at Pinnacle is when you work one-on-one with a master’s level licensed therapist to strategically overcome your addiction. This form of psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship that involves you and your therapist, and takes place in a caring and confidential environment.

When it comes to addiction treatment, detoxing is only the beginning. True recovery takes time, effort, and support. As you work through the root causes of your addiction in individual therapy, you will learn to develop healthier coping mechanisms. Moreover, Pinnacle specializes in addressing the mental health conditions—known as a dual diagnoses—that are contributing to the addiction you’re suffering from.

What Can I Expect From Individual Therapy?

The individual therapy program at Pinnacle is nuanced, individualized, and evidence-based. We hold intensive individual sessions each week. These then form the foundation for your short-term and long-term recovery.

While we implement different models of addiction therapy, in general, individual therapy focuses on the identification of personal triggers and stressors. Moreover, it emphasizes how to better regulate your emotions and behaviors, as well as how to improve your relationships. 

Here are just some of the types of addiction therapy options that are available to you with Pinnacle’s programming:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) — Research shows that CBT is an effective treatment option for both addiction and mental health disorders. This short-term form of therapy is usually completed over the course of five to 20 sessions. The ultimate goal of CBT is to help you become aware of negative thinking patterns so that you can learn to respond in more effective ways.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) — This is a more specialized form of CBT, originally developed to treat those with a borderline personality disorder. A form of talk therapy, DBT will help you identify your strengths so that you can build on them. Being cognitive-based, DBT will also help you identify the thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions that create problems in your life. Within individual therapy, the goal will be to emphasize problem-solving behavior, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and more.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is designed to encourage people to embrace their thoughts and feelings. It’s not intended for people to fight or feel guilty for their thoughts and feelings. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy creates space for psychological flexibility and is a form of behavioral therapy. ACT combines mindfulness skills with the practice of self-acceptance.
  • Trauma-Informed Care is integrated into all aspects of Pinnacle’s programming. We focus on the effects of trauma in a person’s life. Whether adverse childhood experiences or adult trauma, the caring and professional staff at Pinnacle know how to help. We’ll assist you in navigating the healing process and moving through traumatic experiences.

Whether you are interested in an inpatient program or an outpatient program, Pinnacle Recovery has the right combination for you. First and foremost, individual therapy options will form the basis of your recovery from addiction. If you’re ready to begin your transformation, contact us today!