• Inpatient Treatment Program

    Usually a minimum of 30 days, inpatient treatment is highly recommended for intensive care. This not only gives you the chance to step away and focus on your healing journey but lets our staff guide you through a personalized, in-depth treatment plan.

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  • Outpatient Treatment

    Need more than regularly scheduled counseling, but don’t need a full inpatient program? Outpatient treatment in Utah may be right for you. Outpatient treatment offers schedule flexibility but depends greatly on the severity of your addiction.

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  • Individual Therapy for Addiction

    A key component of many treatment plans, individual therapy allows us the chance to get to know you and give you professional counseling time, one on one. Our staff of licensed, experienced professionals are here to listen and offer support through your treatment.

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  • Group or Family Therapy

    A support system is crucial to successful recovery. Group therapy gives you a community of people who understand what you’re going through and reminds you that you are not alone in your recovery journey. Involving family in special sessions only helps to widen that support system.

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Pinnacle Recovery was founded by industry professionals with decades of combined experience in personalized addiction treatment. Located in scenic Utah, we created a peaceful refuge with a network of support for those who need to step away, focus on themselves, and truly heal from addiction.

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