Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a well-known type of talk therapy that can be beneficial for those with mental illnesses or substance use disorders. The goal of CBT is to help the individual understand how their thoughts impact their actions. There are three pillars of CBT, which are identification, recognition, and management. Read more below to learn more about the three pillars of CBT. 


The first pillar of CBT is identification. This is where you identify your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. These are the components that make you, you. These things, however, can become negative over time. Negative thoughts, negative emotions, and negative behaviors lead to a negative mindset and life. Identification is important because you must be able to differentiate between what is serving you well and what is not. You cannot change these thoughts, emotions, and behaviors if you first do not identify them. This is why the first pillar of CBT is so essential. 


The second pillar of CBT is recognition. This may seem like identification, but it takes identification a bit further. Identification is identifying that you may have negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in certain moments; recognition is recognizing in the moment that you are having negative thoughts and emotions or are behaving in a negative way. Once you recognize that you are thinking or behaving negatively, you can stop these negative patterns. You can prevent this by practicing new skills. These new skills aim to replace the negative ones that you’ve been using for so long. 


The third pillar of CBT is management. Management is your ability to use skills and activities to help ease your mind and body. Management can be done in the moment, but also during moments where you are not engaging in negative thoughts or behaviors. Managing your thoughts and behaviors need to be done outside of the negative moments, too. You must practice your skills when you are in a good place. This ensures that you will be able to use them in a heated moment, too. 

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