Can I Stay Sober Now that My Pet Died?

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Can I Stay Sober Now that My Pet Died?

Anytime someone loses their beloved pet it will inevitably be a difficult time for them. Add trying to stay sober into the mix and you could find yourself in the risk of jeopardizing your recovery altogether, especially your emotional sobriety. Pets become a member of the family and the thought of having to go a day without their innate ability to comfort you and brighten your day is truly heartbreaking.

Understanding your grief amidst your effort to remain sober can be daunting making you want to revert back to your old ways of stuffing your feelings to cope. Learning the appropriate way for you to grieve this devastating loss is important so that you can eventually move on while keeping your recovery program intact.

Live in their memory.

You have probably heard someone state that the deceased is looking down on them and the same could go for your pet. Do things that they can see from the Rainbow Bridge and make them proud of what you are doing to better your life. Shower others with the proverbial love and affection that your pet gave so freely in their honor.

Give back to others.

Although you may not be able to be around other animals of any kind at this time, try to be of service in any way you can muster. Taking your mind off your loss and putting it towards helping someone or something else can temporarily shift your grief. Eventually, your sorrow will begin to dissipate, and you can do it much gracefully by giving back what has been so freely given to you.

Talk about your situation.

Others in your recovery program may be going through the loss of their own pet without a clue how to stay sober. Your experience, strength, and hope can be the piece of the puzzle they are missing to know that nothing is so bad that a drink or a drug will make better. Your pain can be someone else’s solution simply just by opening up and sharing about it.

Take time to feel your feelings and grieve in a way that can help you to appreciate the time you did have together. The best way to honor the pet that you are grieving is to keep moving forward.

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