Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Adults: Symptoms and Solutions

What Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Our actions, especially when it comes to substance abuse, affect everyone around us. One serious example of this is known as “fetal alcohol syndrome” (FAS). This syndrome occurs when a mother is pregnant and continues to drink alcohol throughout the pregnancy. Moreover, her choices can have a lasting impact on […]

Helping a Loved One Start Recovery: The Conversation

First Steps to Recovery Do you have a loved one who’s struggling with substance abuse? If you do, you’re not alone. According to the Journal of Addiction Medicine, over 21 million people in the US struggle with substance abuse disorder (SUD). This means that the number of family members impacted is even greater. We know […]

Supporting A Loved One in Recovery: 3 Tips for the Holidays

Why Are the Holidays Difficult For Those in Recovery? For many people, the holidays are a time of the year that are filled with joy, smiles, and family bonding. For others—including those in recovery from substance abuse and addiction— the experience can be quite difficult. A season filled with parties and gatherings where alcohol and […]

Signs That You’re Enabling an Addict

“Enabling is helping a person in a way that feeds the dysfunction. Helping is being there for someone in a way that does not support the dysfunction.” — Dr. Noelle Nelson Addiction is a family disease. If you have a loved one that is suffering from addiction, you know this all too well. Whether a […]

What In My Relationship Triggered Me?

The Gottman Institute is a good resource for couples dealing with addiction in their relationships. They aim to “reach out to families in order to help create and maintain greater love and health in relationships.” Loving someone with an addiction can be a difficult thing. Or, maybe you’re the one with an addiction and you […]

Signs, Symptoms & Behaviors of Heroin Addicts

Nobody ever intends to become addicted to heroin. Instead, it happens incidentally as a person recreationally uses the drug. In fact, most individuals who suffer from heroin addiction don’t even realize they’ve become addicted until they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms between doses. But as heroin addiction causes profound changes in a person, it can […]

Why Addiction is a Disease

Saying addiction is a disease sometimes is a controversial topic. Addiction has a massive stigma floating around it and often people argue that “the person chose to do drugs.” While this is true, people often overlook the fact that addicts do not choose to become addicted. It is always a personal choice to experiment with […]

How Al-Anon Can Help You Understand Addiction

One of the hardest parts of loving someone who suffers from addiction is loving someone who suffers from addiction. It is isolating, confusing, frustrating, and often feels pretty one sided. The struggle comes from the fact that we plainly see and deeply know how amazing our person is, and when they are sober they are […]

Signs You’re Enabling an Addict

Research has shown that addiction is often a family oriented disease. While studies have not yet indicated exactly where addiction develops, either through nature or nurture, consistencies have been showing up in families of addicts. While addiction is in the end no ones fault, it is very common for families and loved ones to struggle […]