Does Expressive Art Therapy Help Substance Abuse Recovery?

Addiction is a complicated and challenging condition. Moreover, the cycles of substance abuse can cause physical, emotional, and social issues that are hard to get a handle on. While traditional approaches to addiction recovery like residential treatment and psychiatric assistance are essential parts of treatment, expressive art therapy is a promising alternative treatment that offers […]

Is Marijuana Addictive? The Hidden Dangers of Marijuana Addiction and Substance Abuse

What’s the Big Deal About Marijuana? As the world evolves, so does our understanding of substance abuse and addiction. While marijuana legalization and decriminalization efforts gain traction in many regions, it is crucial to examine the potential risks associated with marijuana use. There are many hidden dangers of marijuana addiction, which can shed light on […]

How Can Breath Work Contribute to Addiction Recovery?

What is Breath Work? Breath work has become increasingly popular as a tool for addiction recovery. This practice involves intentionally controlling one’s breath to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It can be a powerful way to manage stress and anxiety, which are often triggers for addictive behaviors. As we will show here, there are […]

Can Acupuncture Therapy Help You on Your Addiction Recovery Journey?

What is Acupuncture? For many people, acupuncture therapy may seem intimidating. Many people are afraid of needles and don’t like the idea of being poked with them. But acupuncture isn’t painful—it’s an alternative medical practice used to relieve pain and to heal the body. Acupuncture involves stimulating specific points on the body using fine needles to […]

What Benefits Does Music Therapy Have for Addiction Treatment?

What is Music Therapy? Have you ever turned on music to help get you out of a funk? Isn’t doing chores so much more fun when listening to music or singing? Music has a special quality to it, a power of its own. And this power to change moods and minds has made music a […]

What Are Behavioral Addictions and How Do You Recognize Them?

What Are Behavioral Addictions? Behavioral addictions are, in short, addictions to certain behaviors. Instead of alcohol or other substances, it’s a compulsive behavior that a person struggles with. Accordingly, the same “reward” chemicals are released in the brain, but a behavioral addiction doesn’t involve outside substances. There are other terms to describe behavioral addictions, including: […]

What Are the First Steps to Treating Cocaine Addiction?

What is Cocaine? The first step to treating cocaine addiction is to understand what cocaine abuse and addiction are. But first, what is cocaine and how is it made? Cocaine is an illegal, stimulant drug that has a high potential for abuse and addiction. As a stimulant, cocaine artificially activates dopamine and increases the speed […]

How Useful is Sound Bowl Therapy for Preventing Relapse?

How Does Sound Bowl Therapy Fit into Addiction Recovery? Integrative therapies are an important aspect of sustainable addiction recovery. One such benefit of these therapies is learning skills that help you to live in the moment and practice mindfulness. While these terms may feel outside of the clinical mode of addiction therapy, they are not […]

How Can Outdoor Experiential Therapy Help Your Recovery Journey?

What is Outdoor Experiential Therapy? An outdoor experiential therapy (OET) program usually involves the use of engaging outdoor activities for therapeutic purposes. First and foremost, such activities engage the body and the mind to support a full healing process. Second, they have long-term sustainability in mind and are valuable throughout one’s recovery journey. Therapeutic outdoor […]

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Why is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Needed? Addictive cycles and substance abuse disorders don’t just appear out of thin air. Oftentimes, there are many other factors that contribute to a person’s addiction. Abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and co-occurring mental health conditions are some of the most common. But before attempting to treat the substance […]