It is often recommended married couples refrain from sexual relationships for 90 days into a partner with addiction sobriety. This is especially true when it comes to sexual addiction. This will help a person get sober and let recovery take place on its own without other things getting in the way. When you can work on your relationship and being together, this promotes healthy healing.

Going Back to Old Ways

Reconnecting with a partner is an important part of rebuilding a person’s life. There is also great encouragement to find ways of being close again. Not every sexual situation is ideal for a person in recovery. For people to restore relationships impacted by addiction, it takes nurturing the love as much as possible. Some relationships may need re-evaluation to see if they are ultimately healthy. It helps to ask the following questions:

  • Is the partner in an active addiction or a bad influence?
  • Was the marriage toxic or abusive prior to recovery?
  • Is sex with the loved one turning into a crossover addiction?
  • Do relations with the partner trigger other addictive behaviors?

Self-Care First

You may be anxious to reconnect with a partner but it is important to ask yourself deep questions and answer honestly. Honest communication is key as an important skill to practice. Don’t be afraid to seek counseling if needed. The reason married or committed love is treated differently than casual sex or a new relationship is the history with the person. There is more of a bond there. With a wife or husband, you can usually discuss the situation and work through issues together. In a committed relationship, you work together to rebuild intimacy, communication, and trust. In those cases, sexual love can be healing. The urge for dopamine rushes may be there but then you have to be mindful intimacy with that person does not turn into an attempt to get hits of dopamine and feel a high. This can lead to relapse or a crossover addiction.

Putting yourself first in recovery is key. You are more likely to find yourself in a position to recover better long term when you communicate needs and desires up front with your loved one prior to going back home from rehab and being in a space where you may be challenged to stay sober. Make sure you talk to your husband or wife beforehand and bring them into the process with you.

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