As the year begins to fade and a new one draws near, we often worry about what we have completed but end up focusing on what we have not. We didn’t get the grade we wanted in that class we took. We didn’t get the promotion we had hoped for. We didn’t check off each and every goal we made for ourselves at the beginning of the year. But, what if we focused on what we did complete, and let go of what we didn’t? If we take a closer look, we probably completed much more than we intended to. Maybe you graduated, despite the grade you didn’t get. Maybe you got a substantial bonus and took on greater responsibility, despite the promotion you didn’t get. Maybe you set new goals for yourself halfway through the year, and didn’t get to the outdated ones you had formed at the beginning of the year. People and plans change. You must be malleable and learn to adapt to the new obstacles that arise. Letting go is a gift, writes Andrew Leonard for Whole Living

The Way and Its Power

Tao-te Ching written by Laozi means The Way and Its Power. The main takeaway from this work is to let go, because “The Way that can be spoken is not the true Way.” This might seem far-out, but try focusing on letting go of expectations and letting things fall into place. 

When it comes to your recovery, you may be so focused on controlling everything around you. You may try to make sure you avoid all substances all the time. This, however, is not realistic. There will be times where you are faced with the substance you have tried hard to avoid. You may even try to control your every thought. Instead of gripping onto a sense of control, try letting go. If an idea such as “I have an urge to use” crosses through your mind, let it pass. Watch it come and go. You will have thoughts and urges that you won’t like. You cannot cling to them, though. Let them pass through your mind and watch them float away. Sometimes your control is letting go of the control. 

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