The time right after you open your eyes and take the first breath in the morning is a sacred few moments. What we say to ourselves in this time sets up how our day will play out. Daily intentions are important things. By stating your intentions for the day, you are setting yourself up for success. 

Mallika Chopra, daughter of the doctor and writer, Deepak Chopra, suggests asking yourself three questions every morning that will help you set your intentions for the day. These questions, she says, will also give your day a tone. These questions may seem simple, but they help you set the tone for your day. You can choose this tone — choose wisely. 

What will make me feel healthy today?

There are many things that you can do in order to promote health and wellness. Although these things may seem obvious, you can modify them to fit your daily intentions. Exercise, diet, and sleep are the three biggest things for health. Set the tone for your day by choosing one of these areas to modify an activity from. This can be taking a walk during a break in your day, choosing to bring healthy leftovers from home instead of eating at that fast food place you like, or heading to bed an hour earlier than you normally would that night. You don’t have to attack each one of these areas every day. Choosing one small thing can be helpful in setting daily intentions. 

What will make me feel connected today?

Relationships are extremely important. We aren’t talking about networking for your job and for your future. We’re talking about nurturing healthy relationships with family and friends. Try setting the intention of doing a small thing that may bring a serious sense of joy that day. This can be as simple as checking up on a friend or reading a book with your child before bedtime. Connection is key- choose connection during your morning by setting daily intentions.

What will give me a sense of purpose today?

With purpose comes a feeling of accomplishment. This accomplishment gives a sense of joy. Wanting to feel purposeful today doesn’t have to mean you must do something that will change the world. This is unreasonable. However, you may aim to help your small square of the world. This can look like giving a genuine piece of advice to a struggling friend or paying it forward by buying the next person in the drive-thru a cup of coffee. This daily intention can give your uplifting feelings, but it will also uplift those you are helping, too. 

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