We know that recovery is difficult. When there are added layers, however, recovery can be even harder to navigate. One of these added layers can be going on vacation. Your daily routine provides a sense of structure for your days. Without work, along with going away, you can feel a bit lost. Vacation can also bring back memories of good times, or even bad, when you were using. Recovery changes so much. Now, you must learn to navigate recovery and vacationing while sober. Here are some tips to keep you on track while you are on vacation.

Keep up basic self-care

Although you are on vacation and taking a break from your normal duties, you cannot forget to take care of yourself. Self-care doesn’t take a break. Eating healthy and exercising regularly may slack off during vacation, but try to keep yourself on track. Eat at normal times and don’t overdo it. When you can, exercise a little bit. This can even be taking the stairs up to your hotel room or swimming in the pool. One thing you can’t slack off on is sleep. Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep so you can tackle the day’s plans. Keeping up on basic self-care will keep your energy and moods in a good place.

Communication is key

As always, communication is an essential aspect of life. You can’t slack off on communication when you’re on vacation. Communicate with your family or friends who you are traveling with. Explaining your needs is an excellent way to start. Telling them that you expect to stay sober on vacation will help keep you accountable. This also sets boundaries between you and them. They will know not to offer you a drink while on vacation, and you know not to ask for one. This can help avoid any possible triggers.

Structure a schedule

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you can go without a structured schedule. You don’t want to be bored during vacation. Boredom breeds negative decisions. You don’t want to be sitting around reminding yourself that you need to stay sober, either. Get out and do something productive and fun! It doesn’t have to be a big adventure every day, but it’s good to stay busy. 

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