Recovery has sayings and slogans that make people want to roll their eyes when they hear them over and over. What usually happens is that over time someone will have an ah-ha moment where they realize that annoying statement actually makes some sense to them. They finally get the drift of how the cliché will be instrumental in keeping them sober. Like in the case of overly hearing the catchphrase of “it takes what it takes”. You may have thought to yourself; I get it. I know what I did. While that may sum up the interpretation for you, that meaning only entails part of what this idiom could really identify.

You understand the domino effect of consequences

The wreckage of your past may be extending on for longer than you wished. You could still owe money, have to do endless amounts of community service, or have to serve time in jail for offenses committed long ago that make you wonder why you are sober in the first place. If you had not taken the drink or the drug in the first place, then there is probable cause that you would not have done what you did to have the consequences that you have. One led to the other and when you finally understand your past actions were the only way that you could get clean and sober, you can accept that your mistakes are actually assets.

You would not be where you are without the experience

Clawing your way out from under is important to encounter for any sort of growth. Endurance and strength in recovery come from appreciating where you come from to know where you can go. Cleaning up the mess, processing the pain you have on the inside, and being willing to live differently will get you to a higher level of being sober which cannot be paid for.

You are thankful for the journey

Gratefulness comes from being able to truly understand the depths of your disgrace. Knowing right from wrong and then actually putting that into your everyday perspective can give you more opportunities to become a better version of yourself by simply doing what you know is right. The trials and tribulations that you have to endure along the way without drinking or using give you the character you need to truly appreciate recovery.

Do whatever it takes to get to where you believe it takes what it takes. Having this simple mantra in your pocket can give you the ability to understand what it was like and why it had to be that way in order to get to where you can fully comprehend that it took what it took.

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