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When the treatment for alcoholism got its modern start back in the 1930s the information that was available in regards to the disease was rather limited. The detoxification process included alcoholics being strapped to a hospital bed so that they would not hurt themselves during seizures or delirium tremens. The treatment protocol after this involved a hospital stay where therapeutic options were almost non-existent. Alcoholics would essentially just ‘dry out’ in these hospitals and since no real tools could be given to them, in order to change their behaviors, many wound up drunk a short period of time after discharge.

For those chronic alcoholics who could not sober up after repeated tries, what lay ahead of them was a life of homelessness, death, or they could reassign themselves to living out their days in a sanitarium, away from the temptations of alcohol. The few who did manage to overcome their alcoholism were exceedingly lucky, but even these lucky few faced an uphill battle, as there were no real support systems in place to help them with their continued sobriety.

Luckily the past 75 years has seen a dramatic shift in the way we not only view alcoholism in this country, but also in the way that we go about treating this illness. With advances in modern medicine and psychology, and the advent of 12 Step programs, we are now in a position to be able to extend treatment to the alcoholic in ways unmanageable in the past.

We now know that alcoholism is an actual disease and not just a moral failing on the part of the individual. We are now aware that it consists of a mental obsession that is driven on by a physical compulsion to ingest liquor. That a person who suffers from alcoholism has no control over whether or not they are going to drink and that in order to arrest this illness there must be a complete shift in the way that the individual interacts with life and alcohol.

Here at Pinnacle Recovery’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center In Utah, we understand this and we understand just how difficult it can be to get sober. We realize that every single alcohol that comes to our treatment facility has their own particular needs and their own particular story, so what they will need in order to fight this deadly illness will differ as well.

At our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center In Utah, we employ the latest advancements in the medical and psychology field in order to give all of our clients the best possible chance at recovery. We believe that every alcoholic who has the willingness and desire to change their life should be given the chance to do so, and that is what we offer at our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center In Utah.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

As far as we have come in our understanding of alcoholism over the past century, much of the general public is still unaware of what it means to be an alcoholic. When they hear the word alcoholic they still picture a homeless man under a bridge somewhere drinking out of a paper bag, with all of his belongings in a shopping cart.

While this is one type of alcoholic and unfortunately some people’s disease takes them to this point, many alcoholics function normally, except in regards to their ability to drink. They may be able to hold down jobs, maintain relationships, and even prosper, but when it comes to alcohol they become completely undone.

Going along with this is the fact that many people believe that in order to be an alcoholic you must drink every day. While there are a great many alcoholics who are daily drinkers, alcoholism is not contingent on the amount that a person drinks, or how often they drink.

Some people may find that they only drink a couple of times a month but they still suffer from alcoholism. These people, who are commonly known as binge drinkers, will find that when they do decide to drink, their ability to control how much, or how long they will drink for becomes non-existent. They are unable, with any degree of certainty, to say that they will stop drinking that day and often times they may go on binges for a few days at a time, completely losing track of time or location.

It is also important to note that alcoholism is one of the few illnesses where self-diagnosis is an integral part of the recovery process. A person who is attempting to get sober must come to terms with the fact that they have alcoholism and many times just being told this by a third party is not enough to spur a successful recovery.

Alcoholism operates in such a manner where self-diagnosis is often times difficult because the disease itself creates just enough denial that a person suffering from alcoholism can believe that they do not have a problem with alcohol. They can believe that their problem rests in their family life or their job or society at large, and they will be completely blind to the fact that all of the issues of their life stem from their inability to stop drinking.

That being said, there are some common signs and symptoms to look out for when attempting to figure out if you have a problem with alcohol. If you find that you participate in any of the following you may want to seek treatment from a rehabilitation program, like the one we offer at our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center In Utah.

· Lying about or hiding your drinking
· Having trouble with relationships due to alcohol
· An inability to stop drinking once you start
· A preoccupation with thinking about drinking
· Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
· Experiencing blackout on a semi-regular basis
· Drinking to deal with emotions

Those are only a few signs that a person may be suffering from alcoholism, but if you find at any time that you think you may have a problem then seek professional help. Alcoholism is a serious illness and the withdrawal symptoms can be fatal, so do not attempt to quit on your own.

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