Pinnacle Recovery's Cocaine Addiction Rehab Program

In the 1980s this nation saw an explosion of cocaine addiction that was unlike anything witnessed before. It seemed to have come out of nowhere and many of the inner cities in this country were flooded with a new form of the drug, called crack.

Just about every night the news was awash with horror stories pertaining to this drug. Its grip seemed so powerful over those that there were addicted to it that no one could really imagine how we could go about combating this. Law enforcement did their best to try to step in and curb the problem but as the decade went on the problem seemed to just multiply exponentially.

Adding to the problem is the fact that at the time drug treatment was really just in its infancy. While there had been a number of drug treatment programs around for decades before, many people were still unaware that help was out there and we did not have the understanding of addiction we now possess.

Many people who suffered from cocaine addiction were left to flounder because they either could not find the help they needed or they were arrested due to the harsh laws that were enacted in order to help stop the spread of the drug. But as the 80s turned into the 90s and as drug treatment became more refined and more readily available, addiction to cocaine became less and less of a national concern and more people were able to get help.

While we have come along way since the dark days when cocaine gripped this nation, cocaine addiction is still a serious problem for many Americans. It is not an issue that has just simply gone away and there are still many thousands of people who day in and day out struggle to not give in to the insatiable cravings they are experiencing.

Here at our Cocaine Addiction Rehab Center In Utah, we understand this and we seek to help those afflicted with cocaine addiction finally overcome their problem and live the life they have always wanted. We believe that everyone can recover from their addiction if they have the willingness to do so and are given the proper tools. And at our Utah Cocaine Rehab, we feel that with everything that we now know about the disease of addiction, no person should have to struggle alone.

What To Expect

Cocaine is an incredibly powerful drug and its addictive properties are stronger than many other illicit drugs being used by people throughout the world. A person in the grips of a cocaine addiction will seek out the drug without wanton disregard for their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of others and this because they are being driven on by the compulsion of addiction.

However, as terrible as cocaine addiction can be, the silver lining it all is that the detox process is not fatal and does not cause some of the more uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms that others drugs cause.

A person who is seeking to get help for their cocaine from a treatment center, like our Cocaine Addiction Rehab Center In Utah, will more than likely have to go to detox first. Although there are no real physical withdrawal symptoms to speak of, the mental withdrawal from cocaine addiction can be incredibly difficult to deal with. A person will suffer dramatic mood swings and the drawback to the drug can be very overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact that without the proper support in place, a person could wind up falling back into their addiction, with very little effort.

Once the detox process is done and the individual is able to experience life with a mind and body clean of drugs, they are then sent to an inpatient drug treatment rehab, like the one we offer at our Cocaine Addiction Rehab Center In Utah.

While there the individual will participate in individual and group therapy, in order to help them discover some of the root causes of their addiction and allow them to process any and all trauma they may have experienced in their lives. They will be given the tools they need in order to successfully navigate a sober life once they are discharged and they will be introduced to different support groups that they can continue with once they are finished with their inpatient stay.

Many times after inpatient an individual will attend outpatient services so that they can continue to get the support they need during this early phase of their recovery. Outpatient is generally only a few times a week, for a few hours during the day or night and what this does is keep the newly sober person accountable, while also helping them with their transition back into everyday life.

One of the most difficult parts of getting clean and sober is transitioning out of treatment and back into the real world and so participating in outpatient and then aftercare can really go a long way in helping a person stay on the path of recovery.

While recovery from cocaine addiction is a lifelong process, you only have to meet it a day at a time. By attending a drug treatment facility, like the one we offer at Pinnacle Recovery, you can find the tools you need to give you the best possible chance at recovery and finally live the life you have always wanted.

Get Professional Help for Cocaine Addiction in Utah

If you think that you have a problem with a cocaine addiction and you believe that you need to seek a treatment program because of it, then call the professionals at our Cocaine Addiction Rehab Center In Utah today, at 1-866-301-0573. Our trained staff knows exactly what you are going through, and knows exactly what you need in order to finally overcome your addiction. As frightening as it can be to ask for help, it is infinitely better than living a life filled with addiction. So contact us today and let us help you in your struggles.