Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of therapy that gives individuals the skills to practice mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation. Today, Pinnacle Recovery is going to focus on one specific distress tolerance skill: TIPP. 

To jog your memory, TIPP stands for Temperature, Intense exercise, Paced breathing, and Paired muscle relaxation. TIPP is meant to help you at your lowest and most emotional place. Here are some things you can do with TIPP to help lower your distress. 


The more upset you become, the higher your body temperature will go. To break this increase in temperature, try taking a cold shower or plunge your face in ice-cold water. If you can’t do either of these things, try holding an ice cube in your hands for as long as you can. Abruptly changing your body temperature will help you physically and emotionally. 

Intense exercise

If you are feeling extremely intense emotions, try to match this with an intense exercise. You don’t have to participate in a triathlon, but you can do intense amounts of exercise in short periods. Try sprinting to the end of your street, jumping in the pool and swimming laps, or even just doing push-ups until you’re tired. Exercise is a natural way to decrease your stress. 

Paced breathing

Controlled breathing is a great way to de-stress. Make sure your breath is long and deep, not short and shallow. Try breathing in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, then breathe out for four seconds. Focus your attention on each breath. This can help you calm down a bit.

Paired muscle relaxation

Relaxation techniques include paired muscle relaxation for a reason: it works. Here’s the gist of it: tightening your muscles when you are stressed, then releasing them, helps the muscles to relax. The reason this helps to calm you down is that relaxed muscles need less oxygen, which allows your breathing and heart to slow down. Try this technique with a group of muscles, such as your arm or leg. Tighten them for a few seconds as hard as you can, then release. This will help not only your muscles to relax, but you as well.

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