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In the United States, there is no doubt that we have a culture of alcohol consumption. We associate drinking with family get-togethers, sporting events, music concerts, special occasions in life, and just about any other thing you can think of. Alcohol is to a large degree intertwined into the narrative of America, and while this is not an inherently bad thing, for some individuals drinking has gone past the point of enjoyment and entered into the realm of alcoholism.

For individuals who suffer from alcoholism, it can sometimes be difficult for them to understand that their drinking has become a problem and that they are no longer in control of their actions. They see others around them drinking with impunity and because of this, they believe that they are fine and that the nights when they drink a little more than intended are simply anomalies that everyone faces. What these individuals fail to recognize is that their drinking is anything but normal and that in order to stop the path of destruction that they are currently on, they may need to seek professional help, like the kind offered at Pinnacle Recovery’s Alcohol Rehab in Utah.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Many people believe that in order to be an alcoholic an individual has to drink continuously around the clock for days at a time. They believe that an alcoholic cannot hold a job, manage a family, or do anything besides drink, and while there are certain types of alcoholics who fall into this category, a majority of individuals who suffer from alcoholism can maintain some semblance of normality in their daily life.

Some people may find that they only drink a couple of times a month but they still suffer from alcoholism. These people, who are commonly known as binge drinkers, will find that when they do decide to drink, their ability to control how much, or how long they will drink for becomes non-existent. They are unable, with any degree of certainty, to say that they will stop drinking that day and often times they may go on binges for a few days at a time, completely losing track of time or location.

It is also important to note that alcoholism is one of the few illnesses where self-diagnosis is an integral part of the recovery process. A person who is attempting to get sober must come to terms with the fact that they have alcoholism and many times just being told this by a third party is not enough to spur a successful recovery.

Alcoholism operates in such a manner where self-diagnosis is often times difficult because the disease itself creates just enough denial that a person suffering from alcoholism can believe that they do not have a problem with alcohol. They can believe that their problem rests in their family life or their job or society at large, and they will be completely blind to the fact that all of the issues of their life stem from their inability to stop drinking.

That being said, there are some common signs and symptoms to look out for when attempting to figure out if you have a problem with alcohol. If you find that you participate in any of the following you may want to seek treatment from a rehabilitation program, like the one we offer at our Alcohol Rehab in Utah.

· Lying about or hiding your drinking

· Having trouble with relationships due to alcohol

· An inability to stop drinking once you start

· A preoccupation with thinking about drinking

· Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

· Experiencing blackout on a semi-regular basis

· Drinking to deal with emotions

Those are just a few signs that a person may be suffering from alcoholism, but if you find at any time that you think you may have a problem then seek professional help, like the kind offered at our Alcohol Rehab in Utah.

Are You Struggling With Alcoholism? Ask These Questions

If you are still questioning whether or not you have a problem with alcoholism and whether or not a program like our Alcohol Rehab in Utah could be beneficial to you, then take a look at the questionnaire below and answer the questions truthfully. If you find that you can answer yes to a majority of the questions asked below, then you may want to seek professional help, like the kind offered at our Alcohol Rehab in Utah, for your alcohol issues.

· Do you ever avoid family members or close friends while you are drinking?

· Do you find that you drink more heavily when you are disappointed, under pressure or have had a quarrel with someone?

· Have you built up a tolerance for alcohol?

· Have you ever been unable to remember part of the previous night, even though your friends say that you were conscious and awake?

· When drinking with other people, do you drink a few drinks when nobody's watching?

· Do you feel uncomfortable you know that alcohol will not be available?

· Do you find that you are more preoccupied with getting your first drink of the day than you used to be?

· Do you sometimes feel guilty about your drinking?

· Has a family member or close friend expressed concern or complained about your drinking?

· Have you been experiencing blackouts more frequently?

· Do you often want to continue drinking even after the people you are drinking with stop?

· When you are sober, do you sometimes regret things you did or said while drinking?

· Have you tried switching brands or the types of liquor you consume in order to attempt to control your drinking?

· Have you failed to keep promises you made to yourself about stopping or cutting down on your drinking?

· Have you ever had a DWI, DUI, or any other legal trouble as a result of your drinking?

· Are you having financial, work, school, and/ or familial problems as a result of your drinking?

· Has your doctor ever told you to cut down on your drinking?

· Do you find that you have less of an appetite due to your drinking?

· Do you get the shakes in the morning and find that it helps to have a little drink, tranquilizer or medication of some kind in order to stop them?

· Have you noticed that recently you cannot drink as much as you once did?

· Do you find that you stay drunk for several days at a time?

· After periods of drinking do you sometimes experience visual or auditory hallucinations?

· Have you sought help in the past for your drinking?

· Do you ever feel depressed or anxious before, during or after periods of heavy drinking?

· Do any of your blood relatives have a problem with alcohol?

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