What is Yin Yoga and How Can it Help in Addiction Recovery?

What’s the Link Between Yoga and Addiction Recovery? Today, many people practice yoga for a variety of reasons. From exercise to devotional practice, yoga has become a phenomenon in American society—including Yin Yoga. Yoga draws its roots from India before the common era and is still very much alive today in Indian traditions. As a […]

How Does Yoga Help With Addiction Recovery? Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy

What is Trauma-Informed Care? The majority of individuals in addiction recovery have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives. In order to address the cycle of addiction, we must acknowledge the body and its systems, including the trauma that each person has experienced. Because of this, trauma-informed care in addiction treatment becomes a key […]

Living in Recovery: How Aftercare Can Help

What is Aftercare? Aftercare programs are one of the most important parts of the recovery process. They include any type of care offered after the detox or residential treatment. Now that you’re sober, aftercare programs focus on how to keep it that way. They offer tools, strategies, resources, and support networks to make sure you […]

What’s the Best Way to Set and Meet Goals in Addiction Recovery?

Knowing how to set goals is a valuable skill in all areas of life. But it is especially important when you are recovering from substance abuse or addiction. The process of setting realistic and achievable goals will give you milestones to look forward to on your recovery journey. These milestones make an open-ended and sometimes […]

Getting Outdoors in the Spring Season: How Can it Help the Recovery Process?

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings. With the changing weather, outdoor and leisure activities are more appealing than ever. But activities associated with leisure are often a sticky topic for those recovering from substance abuse and those newly committed to sobriety. For these folks—and maybe you’re one of them—leisurely activities might […]

What are the Dangers of Inhalants?

Throughout the 19th century, “laughing gas parties” were widely popularized and common among societal classes. By the late 20th century, most people were aware of “glue sniffing,” a recreational activity among teenagers and young adults. And although this category of psychoactive substances known as “inhalants” is still common until today, it remains a life-threatening substance abuse […]

The Cycle of Substance Abuse

What is a Substance Abuse Cycle? Substance abuse often occurs in a recurrent cycle, a pattern of events that repeats over time. What makes it so easy to become caught in a substance abuse cycle? How does a substance abuse cycle morph so quickly into an addiction cycle? And when an addiction cycle occurs, how […]

Fitness For Recovering Addicts: Working Out in Recovery

While addiction falls under the umbrella of mental health disorders, there is no avoiding the fact that it severely impacts the body as well as the brain. Drugs and alcohol can cause damage to multiple essential systems, from the heart and blood vessels to the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Individuals who struggle with addiction are […]

The Basics Of Mindfulness

“Mindfulness is not designed to take you away from the difficulties in your life, but to help you accommodate them more comfortably,” Planet Mindful reminds their readers in an article titled, “Learning to live with yourself.” We’ll reiterate that because it is just so extremely important: mindfulness doesn’t take away your problems, it helps you deal with […]


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of therapy that gives individuals the skills to practice mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation. Today, Pinnacle Recovery is going to focus on one specific distress tolerance tip: ACCEPTS.  To refresh your memory, ACCEPTS stands for Activities, Contributing, Comparisons, Emotions, Push away, Thoughts, and Sensation. You can use […]