Pinnacle Recovery's Dual Diagnosis Program For PTSD and Addiction In Utah

When many people think of post-traumatic stress disorder, they think of soldiers coming back from war. They think of men, who have seen the ravages of war, are now stuck in those memories and relive them on a daily basis.

While post-traumatic stress disorder is something that is commonly experienced by soldiers, it is not always brought on by the experience of combat. People who have never been to a war zone, or even ever been in a fight before can experience PTSD because it is simply the mind’s reaction to a traumatic experience.

Some people will experience PTSD if they have been diagnosed with a serious illness, were involved in a bad car accident, suffered an injury of some sort, or if they witnessed a violent death. Beside this many times people who suffer from addiction will experience post-traumatic stress disorder, due to the fact that for many years they lived within a hair’s breath of having their whole life come undone, and day in and day out they had to lie, cheat and steal in order to feed their addiction.

Imagine if you will for a minute the stress that an addict or alcoholic incur on a daily basis. They wake up in the morning being driven on by something profoundly stronger than their ability to fight. No matter how much they may want to stop drinking or using drugs, their illness has other plans and so even with the best intentions many times they are drunk or high before they leave the house in the morning.

They then have to go through their daily living two lives. The one that they present to the public, where they are not hopelessly addicted to drugs or alcohol, and the one where they need to fulfill the demands of their disease. This may mean that they have to steal money from work or for loved ones. They may have to steal from stores and all while this is going on they are aware that any moment of the day they could possibly be arrested.

If they needed to drink before leaving the house in the morning in order to not suffer a seizure, then while driving to work they are breaking the law. If they have to buy drugs in order to not experience withdrawals symptoms, then they are breaking the law. And if this wasn’t enough they have to constantly misdirect loved ones so that they will not be discovered.

What was just described was the daily life of many addicts and alcoholics and so once they decide to get sober, the stress that they lived under for so many years may still be affecting them and in turn, needs to be dealt with.

At Pinnacle Recovery we understand this and at our Utah PTSD & Addiction center, we seek to help those people suffering from addiction deal with any underlying issues they may be experiencing in regards to post-traumatic stress, whether they were caused by addiction or otherwise.

What Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, like the type we treat at our Utah PTSD & Addiction center, is a persistent emotional and mental stress disorder that occurs because of either a severe injury or trauma. It can be caused by a severe psychological shock or because of other reasons like the ones listed above.

The symptoms most commonly associated with post-traumatic stress disorder are:

· Re-experiencing the traumatic event through intrusive thoughts and recollections that can
occur through flashbacks or nightmares.
· Avoiding people and places that remind you of the trauma
· Emotional disconnectedness
· Difficulty sleeping
· Increased anxiety or irritability

Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, like the one treated at our Utah PTSD & Addiction center, can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life, causing them to be almost incapable of functioning within the norms of society. Things like going to the grocery store can become unbearable due to the possibility of an onset of a flashback and the elevated anxiety from being around a lot of people.

People who suffer from PTSD will often time also suffer from depression or addiction due to the fact that they are reliving one of the worst moments of their lives on a fairly regular basis. The fact that they experienced the trauma is bad enough, but now having to, without warning, actually relive the sights, sounds, and emotions of the trauma can be just too overwhelming and so some people who suffer from PTSD find solace in alcohol or drugs.

At our Utah PTSD & Addiction Center we seek to help those individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and an addiction overcome the trauma of their past and learn ways in which they can cope that do not include numbing themselves with the use of substances.

We offer EMDR therapy, which is a proven and highly effective method for treating PTSD and when used in conjunction with traditional therapies has helped many people overcome their PTSD and learn to live life without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

So if you are struggling with PTSD and an addiction give yourself a break and seek professional help. You have undergone enough in your life and there is no reason that you cannot overcome your trauma and live the happy life you have always wanted. You no longer have to try to fight this battle alone. Help is just a phone call away.

Get Professional Help At Our Dual Diagnosis Program For PTSD and Addiction In Utah

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