EMDR Addiction Therapy In Utah

Quite often people who enter into recovery have suffered some form of trauma during the course of their lives. This trauma could be extensive, spanning years, or it could be rather mild, caused simply by the stress and anxiety that addiction can bring. It could have happened in their childhood and followed them into adulthood or it could have occurred at some point in the recent past, but regardless of the severity of the trauma, or when it happened, it is important that the person attempting to get sober addresses the issues, so that they can move forward into recovery with a healthier mind.

At Pinnacle Recovery we understand this and that is why our Utah EMDR therapy exists. We understand that there are certain times when individual or group therapy will not be enough in order for a person to overcome the trauma of their past. We understand that sometimes trauma is so deep-seated that just talking about it is not enough and so we offer any and all available means to help our clients achieve recovery.

While it cannot be said that trauma alone can cause addiction, it is certainly an influencing factor in why people continue on in their addiction. A person experiencing PTSD from some event in their life cannot be expected to have a healthy recovery if they are constantly reliving a traumatic experience. It is enough to contend with just trying to get sober, but when adding in the stress from having to constantly deal with a past trauma it can sometimes be too overwhelming for an individual, causing them to go back to the drugs or alcohol in order to cope. Our Utah EMDR therapy seeks to help these individuals finally deal with the trauma of their past and by doing so, we believe we give our client’s the best possible chance at recovery.

What Is EMDR Addiction Therapy In Utah?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), like the one offered through our Utah EMDR therapy, is a highly proven therapy that uses a combination of activities to identify trauma in an individual and then show them how to cope with that trauma. This has proven to be especially useful in PTSD treatment programs because EMDR gives the individual a way to effectively handle deep-rooted issues that have created dangerous habits in their lives.

Research has shown that people who have suffered from past emotional or physical abuse, or some other traumatic experience, have eye movements that resemble REM sleep. REM sleep is the portion of the sleep cycle when a person dreams, so this means that they are actually reliving the experience in their mind, visuals and all. It is comparable to have a waking nightmare that happens on a fairly regular basis and a person suffering from a bout of PTSD may get lost in their past trauma even though they appear to be completely awake.

EMDR therapy, like the one offered through our Utah EMDR therapy, seeks to help the individual by using light therapy and other means in order to calm eye movements and thoughts. This, in turn, allows them to not have to constantly relive past traumatic experiences and the individual can finally be free from the trauma of their past.

How EMDR Addiction Therapy In Utah Works

The therapy typically involving eight phases and varying lengths of therapy. The eight phases are:

· History and Treatment Planning
· Preparation
· Assessment
· Desensitization
· Installation
· Body Scan
· Closure
· Re-evaluation

While it may sound complex, EMDR is a highly proven and widely recognized form of therapy, especially for those suffering from trauma or PTSD. However, EMDR therapy does not replace other more traditional forms of therapy but merely works injunction with other therapies. For instance, a person undergoing EMDR therapy will still need to seek out a traditional therapist because they will need to process the traumatic event that occurred. The EMDR therapy does not make the event seize to exist, but rather makes it so that the individual does not constantly relive the experience.

Many traumatic experiences are repressed out of self-defense. It is the mind’s way of allowing the person to continue to function in life, even though they have experienced something terrible. These repressed experiences can range from verbal abuse as a child, to war trauma, to a car crash, and EMDR helps to bring them to the surface. Once exposed, the trauma can then be dealt with in a healthy manner, and the person can begin to process it and move past it. It is similar to CBT in that, this therapy is focused on helping you control and change the way you handle negativity and trauma. It gives you the power you need to make a lasting change, long after your treatment plan is completed.

What Can I Expect From A Utah EMDR Addiction Therapy Program?

EMDR varies with the practitioner and can last anywhere from a few months to years of aftercare. There are several stages, most involving the therapist asking questions to better understand the patient’s history, family history, and any identifiable traumatic events. Through light treatments and other exercises, EMDR helps to essentially reprogram the way you feel about the trauma you have experienced and gives you a greater understanding of what lead you to addiction.

Get Professional Help At Our EMDR Addiction Therapy Program In Utah

If you think that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you believe that you need a treatment program that offers EMDR therapy than call the professionals at Pinnacle Recovery today, at 1-833-746-2251. Our trained staff knows exactly what you are going through and what you need in order to finally overcome your addiction and achieve the life of recovery you have always wanted. We know how frightening of a proposition going away to treatment can be are we are here to help make this transition as comfortable as possible. So don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Call us and take the first steps towards a new life.